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Protecting Your Valuable Items During Long Distance Relocate

Moving Company in Whitby

Trust professional and let Best Whitby Movers Company to take over your moving preparation. If decided to go with us, we’ll make your relocate easy and comfy.

To guarantee safe arrival of your belongings, your cooperation with Whitby movers and some knowledge is essential. You’re expected to do following:

  • Fill out the agreement and High Value Inventory form offered by our Moving Company in Whitby before moving. This inventory of the valuable items shows us which products may need particular attention and tells you of your obligations.
  • List all the stuff you think is most valuable to be moved by our movers, such as: diamond jewellery, silver coins, stamps and other collections; Compact disks, Digital video disks, electronic products and antiques; gemstone and precious metals; and valuable works of art. This helps estimate the full worth of the shipment and guide movers in deciding which items require additional care.
  • When shipping diamond jewellery, silver coins, stamps, etc., you’ll want to keep in mind that your movers might not be responsible for these products in cases when they may be lost or broken. The Rights and Responsibilities form claims that this particular merchandise is mover’s responsibility. We encourage clients to carry these things with them rather than include them in the shipment.
  • Make certain all the labels are clearly noticeable and could be fully understood by the packers. The driver should see the items of high-value prior to moving them to the truck, including boxes you may have packed on your own. In case a box that you’ve packed on your own is regarded as improperly packed, you may be asked to repack it.  If you ask our staff to do that instead, you might be charged for the extra service. In case some boxes packed by you are damaged while in transit, responsibility might be impacted.

Verify each piece/box after arriving to your destination and report whatever is lost or damaged. If something is lost, your moving crew will start the search instantly.

If You Need a Move

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